next-level features with AI

Maximize efficiency and streamline workflows

Utilize pre-built AI features to upgrade user experiences

In-app inquiry

Before users send inquiries, the A.I. generates and offers responses to save time on both ends.


Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Cut the cost of dubbing. Nbase AI converts texts to fully customizable humanlike voices.

Customer support

A.I. analyzes incoming inquiries and generates responses for agents to quickly revise or send.

Sentiment analysis

Nbase AI analyzes users' sentiment towards the application, based on the reviews and inquiries.

Features that make
meaningful impacts

Use pre-built AI tools to upgrade or transform your application.

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docs = vx.create_collection(name="docs", dimension=3)

# add records to the collection
         "vec0",           # the vector's identifier
         [0.1, 0.2, 0.3],  # the vector. list or np.array
         {"year": 1973}    # associated  metadata
         [0.7, 0.8, 0.9],
         {"year": 2012}

# get an existing collection
docs = vx.get_collection(name="docs")

# index the collection to be queried by cosine distance

# Available options for query measure are:
# vecs.IndexMeasure.cosine_distance
# vecs.IndexMeasure.l2_distance
# vecs.IndexMeasure.max_inner_product

# or use the default (cosine_distance)

# get an existing collection
docs = vx.get_collection(name="docs")

# Query vectors with optional Metadata Filtering
    filters={"year": {"$eq": 2012}}, # metadata filters

Streamline operation and management with tools focused on user experiences

What features can you build
with Nbase AI tools?

Improve user experiences and satisfaction while optimizing workflows.

ChatGPT bot

Embed a ChatGPT-powered chatbot

Real-time translation

Real-time translation in 26 languages

Voice communication

Convert and play in-game text or chat to humanlike voices real-time

Image detection

Delete inappropriate images and suspend the abusers immediately

Sentiment analysis

Collect data and analyze user sentiment

Summarized inquiry

AI summarizes open inquiries for agents to understand the issue quickly

Ultimate SDKs with AI tools

Discover how Nbase SDKs make application development and operation easy and efficient.