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Embed a modern, user-friendly chat platform in your application to
boost user engagement and drive higher business outcomes.
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Ship in-app messaging with the features, quickly and effortlessly

Integrate a powerful messaging with pre-built features in just a few days.
  • Monitor, configure, and operate chat sessions on the dashboard
  • Global cloud infrastructure supports any amount of traffic
  • Unity, Unreal, PC, Android, and iOS supported

Live streaming

Implement feature-packed livestream capabilities into your application for users to acvively engage and communicate real-time. Make people feel like they are actively participating in the livestream.
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AI Translation

Real-time AI translation

Facilitate global communication with the lightspeed AI translation in 26 languages for a half of price of Google Translation.

Features of Nbase Chat

  • In-app messaging & 1:1 chat

  • Build digital connections between people on your app. Allow individuals to communicate directly and privately, whether it be business-to-customer or user-to-user.
  • Push notification and direct message

  • Direct, private chat channels for business-to-customer and user-to-user.
  • Lightspeed translation

  • Embed a real-time AI translation of 26 languages for a half of price of Google Translation.
  • Moderation & spam filter

  • Filters and blocks malicious contents and users - manually or automatically.
  • Monitoring

  • Monitor chat sessions to prevent inappropriate contents or identify unusual activities. Restrict abusers' access by their IP or ID.
  • Data & statistics

  • View real-time data and statistics on chat sessions, active time, user retention, and more.
  • Friend list & status

  • Allow users to add and manage friends on their friend lists. Use the status indicator option to show online/offline status.
  • Chat history

  • Search chat history to retrieve previous chat that has been safely stored and protected.
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