Online Education

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Messaging and live chat tailored to virtual learning

Real-time communication
Boost student participation in virtual discussion via live stream and chat
Teacher-student connection
One-on-one messaging between teacher and student for more focused discussions
Moderation and security compliance
ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2, and automatic filter and moderation for clean and safe classroom
User-friendly UI and platform
The chat platform was designed to be intuitive for everyone to use without technical difficulties
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Virtual classroom equipped with features

When it comes to education, nothing should lack
  • Push, announcement, and SMS to keep students updated and reminded for schedule and assignment
  • Read receipts, online/offline status, unread message count to keep students' presence checked
  • Media, URLs, secure file sharing, and threads for enhanced interactive learning experiences
  • Better teaching and easier management

    Enhanced teaching experience comes from a powerful tool
  • Dashboard and administrator tool for teachers to easily manage the in-class chat
  • Mute/unmute students, delete messages, and manage chat channels with a few clicks
  • Teachers gain insight on students' commonly-asked questions and participation rate in chat
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