Connect people,
boost engagement, and
foster community

Fuel real-time interactions on your platform with the in-app messaging.
Vibrant communities start from intimate in-app conversations.
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Keep users coming back to your app

Next-level API and SDK

Build quickly and deploy early. Nbase Chat SDK makes the in-app chat implementation easy and fast.

Clean, safe conversations

Protect the community against toxicity and profanity with moderation tools and filters.

Statistics and analytics

View real-time, insightful statistics on user activities and trends within the online communities.

Host live streaming

Build a live streaming on your platform for users to engage and communicate real-time. Make people feel like they are actively participating in the community.
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Convenient management

Create, suspend, and delete user accounts and chat channels. Configure settings on the dashboard for Push notification, translation, moderation, whitelist, and more.

Global communication

Allow users to build global connections and communities.
AI-powered, real-time translation helps anyone overcome the language barrier.
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For every business and social platform

Keep the conversations flow between platforms. Quickly build and deploy a fully featured in-app chat across platforms.
Push/SMS notification
Always keep the users in the loop. Compose and send out a bulk of notifications across the globe in a second.
Security compliance
Nbase platforms adhere to the global security and compliance to ensure your data and application are protected.
Community presence
Display online/offline status of users, enable read receipts, and create friend and group lists.